Itinerànnia is a network of footpaths which seek to recover old historic routes that joined settlements. They extend throughout the Ripollés, Garrotxa, and Alt Empordá (Empordá Highlands) and allow walking from the Pyrenees right down to the Mediterranean, using more than 2,500km of signalled footpaths, 700 of which pass through the Garrotxa.

Unlike traditional itineraries, Itinerànnia is a network of paths which allows you to go from point to point in any direction, in a similar fashion to a road network.

All footpaths that form part of the Itinerànnia network are marked by horizontal signs (marked on the paths) in yellow.

The paths in the Itinerannia network also have vertical signposts, in this case situated at crossroads indicating the four nearest towns in each direction, in order of the biggest to the smallest and showing the time it takes for the walk.

If on the different signs of a pole, the same town appears, this means you have to look at the text below. If there is no text, it means it is the shortest way. If there is a text that begins: "Por....", it means it is indicating an alternative, longer route.

Apart from the signposts there is a plaque with the place name of your location, height and the UTM coordinates.

Moreover, all towns contain information billboards with various maps of the path network, useful addresses and telephone numbers, along with other practical indications for orientation and ways to enjoy Itineránnia.

There are also different signed itineraries in green, which enable you to follow routes of particular historic interest and locations of beautiful landscapes.


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