La Vall de Bianya is situated within the boundaries of the Garrotxa Volcanic Area Natural Park and is embraced by some of the most beautiful landscape in the county. Moreover, two of its hamlets (La Vall del Bac and Castellar de la Muntanya) form part of the Alta Garrotxa (High Garrotxa), a protected area, even richer in wildlife and endowed with spectacular views.  
Oak, Holm Oak and Beech woods are some of the attractions in the valley. Their constant variation in colour becomes a living testimony of the changing seasons. Agriculture is also still an important asset that is well preserved in the valley.
Cultivated land in the valley brims with mainly barley, corn and maize, especially in spring and summer. Livestock grazing in meadows is also a common picturesque sight, as there are quite a few dairy farms dotted around the area.


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