Garrotxa Highland

alta_garrotxaThe Location of Natural Interest of the Garrotxa Highland is a region of notable extension (32,865 hectares) that because of its diversity and uniqueness is, without a doubt, the most interesting area in the foothills of the Eastern Pyrenees.

The relief of the land is calcareous and presents abrupt lines in the landscape, with the predominance of deep valleys, surrounded by cliffs and ravines. The lay of land is what gives the name to the region (Garrotxa): the land being rough and difficult to walk through, because of brambles and thorny undergrowth. The landscape of the Garrotxa Highland is truly spectacular, not only because of the magnificence of the contour, but also for the mainly Oak and Holm Oak forests and variable vegetation.

The Garrotxa Highland also contains an important wealth of cultural heritage: springs, farmhouses, historic sites, hermitages, coal fields... are spread about all over the region, They are evidence of the importance of human settlements throughout history and traditional farming plus livestock activities in the zone.

Of the differents paths in Garrotxa Highland, there are two which pass through the Vall de Bianya:


You can also tour the area on foot, following the routes in Itinerannia, GR-1 and GR-11.

For more information, visit the Consortium web site of the Garrotxa


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