Walking along traditional footpaths, visiting the Roman Way and majestic, historic churches, routes for bicycles and horse riding, are just some of the activities you can come across in our valleys, whilst enjoying the natural environment where the passing of time is measured by the tick-tock of peace and tranquillity.

Our valley, for a long time, has been an area of passing through, which has transformed into the ideal place to spend some leisure time. You only need to contemplate the surroundings to enjoy it thoroughly. Let yourself be carried away by the sensations of trickling brooks and old manor houses, lost in amongst mountains and hillsides, which lead down to exquisite planes.

In the valley you will find other suggestions for things to do. The greenways (la Via Verde) that now enter the valley will shortly connect Olot with Sant Joan les Abadesses. The network of footpaths of Itinerànnia, the route of manor houses and the feria del Farro, that is celebrated the first weekend in February, are just some of the other activities we suggest.


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