Interpretation Center
The interpretation center of the Vall de Bianya is located in the heart of Sant Salvador de Bianya, formerly the building had hosted the school and thecouncil itself, until in 1969 the nucleus of SantSalvador de Bianya was added in the Valley ofBianya.

For accessibility, layout, basic architectural featuresand heritage and proximity to other resources of the municipality, meets the conditions and requirements necessary for hosting theinterpretation center of the Vall de BianyaA space that has a shelter and information services to visitorsexhibition space-store product display and presentation of audiovisual and educational workshopIt is also the starting point for tours to the heart of Sant Salvador de Bianya, the Romanesque churches of the Vall de Bianya and ViaRomana.

The rehabilitation of the building and then work onproject development and architectural museumthis building has become a benchmark in the Vall deBianya.


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